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Non Immigrant B Visa (Business Visa)

The first step in the process of becoming a legal member of the expat workforce in the kingdom of Thailand is naturally obtaining the correct visa. There really is only one visa and that is a Non-Immigrant B which any reputable employer will either provide through the Board of Investment (BOI) or more commonly through a Thai consulate in a country outside of Thailand.

The process for acceptance normally takes around 2 working days. You should submit the correct paperwork which your new employer should provide along with your passport to the Thai consulate in the morning and assuming everything is in order collect your passport the next day with your new 90 days Non-Immigrant B visa either stamped or stuck into one of the pages. Your new employer should make arrangement for any extensions thereafter without you having to leave the kingdom however multiple entry visas are still used but this is becoming less common.

Upon returning the Thailand and producing your passport and new visa to your employer the necessary paperwork and your passport will be submitted to the department of Labour so you can issued with a work permit see for more information.

The dream of living in Thailand starts for so many with a holiday and it is not uncommon for foreigners who are on holiday in Thailand to make snap decisions about staying after only a few short weeks on holiday or travelling around.

The 30 day tourist visa that is issued upon arrival from an international flight can be extended but this is just for 15 days if stamped through a border over land. So it is not surprise that many expats try to find alternative visa arrangement as quickly as possible after making the decision to live and work in Thailand.

This is where unscrupulous employers seeking to offer illegal employment to those unsuspecting foreigners who are that much more naive gain ground. They know that foreigners who have just made the decision to live and work in Thailand are far more likely to work without the correct documentation and for far less money.

Make sure your decision is well thought through and based on solid research and always ensure that your new employer is at the very least a registered Limited Company who is willing to provide you with all the necessary paperwork to obtain your Non-immigrant B visa.


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