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What Skills are Needed for a Sales Job in Thailand?

Like most customer relations based jobs, your success as a sales executive too depends on your personality and interpersonal skills. Sales jobs are everywhere, and Thailand is no exception. So if you are looking towards setting up a career in sales and working in Thailand, here are a few things you need to know.

Communication skills

Your communication skills are a prerequisite in sales. Apart from getting your written and verbal skills polished, you have to learn more about the people you interact with. You need to have a better knowledge about the culture and practices of the people to avoid putting your foot in your mouth while interacting with customers.

If you are considering a long stay, it pays well to learn the language too. Although English will probably be your most common mode of communication, making the effort to speak the regional tongue will help customers connect better with you.

Analysing figures and compiling data

Strong communication skills are needed for a large part of the job, but your strength with numbers and data play an important role too. If you are new to the industry, understand that you will have quite a bit of desk work as well. Sales jobs for foreigners in Thailand may not be limited to interacting with customers alone.

You will also need to maintain spreadsheets and take on additional responsibilities like collating your team's sales statistics and organising schedules and rosters. For these tasks, it's important that you brush up on your knowledge with the necessary tools and software.

Staying ahead of the competition

While pitching your services and products to customers, you should be able to defend them as well. Keep in mind that your customers are shopping with you; they are probably well aware of the pros and cons of the other products and services available in the market. So you have to be abreast of your competitors' best practices, policies and strategies if you want to outshine them.

Employ creative strategies

If you have any past sales experience before working in Thailand, you ought to know that the same old tiresome lines about the benefits of your products or services can only impress so much. Think outside the box and approach your customers from a fresh point of view if you want them to share your enthusiasm.

Marketing and sales are excellent platforms to groom your career. Working in Thailand brings you global exposure too. With the right skills in place, this could be the career path you've been looking for.


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