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Work in The Philippines and Make Australian Dollars

A very experienced Brisbane based Internet Marketing company currently has a sales position available. Trading since 2004, ProTrade Australia - t/a OptiMax® Search Engine Marketing has been continually delivering proven-successful digital products for its clients.

The position allows the successful applicant to live to work centrally at our the modern office near the beach in Olongapo, Subic Bay Freeport, The Philippine Islands, in Asia. The company is Australian based, operating with Australian banks accounts and has Australian customers.

The current team is made up of youthful, highly motivated Australian, New Zealand, and English guys. The position vacant offers a sea-change opportunity, and relief from the cost of Australian cities that are among the most expensive places to live in the world. Assistance can be offered to the successful applicant in regards to relocation, accommodation, transport etc.

The position's work-function is operating on-line including over the telephone and data-communication, winning new accounts and managing client accounts. A very advanced training program is provided throughout the early induction period.

Remuneration is by way of generous salary paid monthly and commissions paid similarly.

Important Facts Regarding Visas, Work Permit questions, Income and Taxes

Sales staff are paid in Australia and pay taxes on income in Australia. The structure is such that there are no issues with work visas or permits etc. OptiMax® sales staff are on extended stamped, paid, legitimate tourist visas, and continue to earn and bank back home in Australia.

OptiMax® do not perform business or accept payments from Philippine based companies, neither occupy jobs needed by the native Filipino or local people.

For all enquires please complete the form-mailer below, or call (07) 3172 6063.



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